Independent Retailer Month: Hutch Houseplants

Join us in concluding Independent Retailer Month with a showcase of Hutch Houseplants, a local gem in Exeter. Explore our collaboration in bringing their botanical haven to life through vibrant window graphics and logo displays.

Posted July 2023 by Ella Usher

Print Collaboration with Hutch Houseplants

Nurturing Nature: Collaborating with Hutch Houseplants to Elevate Exeter's Landscape

As July winds to a close, so does our vibrant celebration of Independent Retailer Month. But before we bid farewell to this month-long tribute, we're thrilled to present a finale that's nothing short of spectacular. Meet Hutch Houseplants, a botanical haven born from the passion and dedication of its founders, Rob and Frankie.

The roots of Hutch Houseplants trace back to 2017 when Rob and Frankie, a dynamic husband-and-wife team, embarked on a journey to share their love for all things botanical. Hutch Houseplants wasn't just a business; it was a testament to their fervour for fostering a deeper connection between people and the lush world of plants.

At the heart of Hutch's offerings lies a simple yet profound mission – to help you find the perfect houseplant that resonates with your space. What started as a short-term pop-up shop in Exeter's city centre has blossomed into a permanent haven on Bampfylde Street, where the beauty of nature meets the buzz of urban life.

Hutch's origins were humble – a pop-up shop that injected a burst of greenery into Exeter's bustling cityscape. The vision was clear: to create an oasis of vibrant foliage that offered respite from the daily grind. This concept struck a chord with Exeter's residents, leading to the establishment of Hutch Houseplants' permanent residence.

Our paths crossed with Hutch Houseplants when they reached out to us for a unique collaboration. With a shared fascination for transformations, we were eager to help bring their botanical dreams to life through print and design.

As lovers of both design and plants, we understand the magic that ensues when these two worlds collide. Hutch's offerings are a riot of colours and textures, a testament to the beauty that flourishes when nature takes centre stage. Our task was to enhance this aesthetic, to create an inviting ambience that reflects the vibrant life within.

We embarked on a journey to craft window graphics that would not only captivate but also immerse passersby in Hutch's lush universe. The result was bold, jungle-themed graphics that beckon you to step into a world teeming with life. And what better way to introduce this enchanting space than with a beautifully printed Hutch logo, a minimalist frame that showcases the abundant beauty.


Window graphics fro Hutch Houseplants

Our collaboration with Hutch Houseplants was more than just a project; it was a symphony of creativity and nature coming together. Every print and design choice was a tribute to the botanical tapestry that Hutch weaves. We revelled in the opportunity to contribute to a space that nurtures both plants and people.

The beauty of Hutch Houseplants' story isn't just in its greens; it's in its spirit of collaboration. Exeter's landscape is adorned with independent gems like Hutch, each contributing to the city's vibrant character. As an Exeter-based design and print company, we relish the chance to collaborate with local businesses and infuse their spaces with life.


In Exeter and Devon, the independent spirit thrives. It's in the small boutiques, the local eateries, and the artisans who breathe life into their crafts. Hutch Houseplants embodies this spirit, and our partnership is a testament to the brilliance that emerges when local talent comes together.

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