Independent Retailer Month: Bespoke + Local

Discover our collaboration with Bespoke + Local, an independent luxury gift box retailer in Exeter. Learn how our design and print services contribute to supporting local artisans and their crafts in Devon.

Posted July 2023 by Ella Usher

Design and print for Bespoke & Local, Exeter

Empowering Devon's Artisans: Collaborating with Bespoke + Local for Independent Retailer Month

Let us introduce you to another remarkable gem in Exeter's independent scene: Bespoke + Local, a locally-rooted retailer specialising in crafting exquisite luxury gift boxes.

Founded by Alison Logan, Bespoke + Local is a passionate advocate for the spirit of independence. Alison's commitment to her craft goes beyond the art of curating luxurious items – she's made it her mission to exclusively source from Devon's own pool of artisans. This conscious decision not only adds a touch of local authenticity to each box but also empowers Devon-based craftsmen and women, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills to the world.

When you choose a Bespoke + Local gift box, you're not only acquiring a beautifully presented selection of products, you're participating in a movement that breathes life into the intricate crafts woven into the fabric of Devon's communities. 

Our collaboration with Bespoke + Local has been a harmonious journey of creativity and dedication. We've had the pleasure of assisting them with a range of printing projects that enrich the essence of their gift boxes. For backdrops that set the perfect scene, we've printed large mounted boards that provide a captivating visual backdrop for the contents of the boxes. 

Within every Bespoke + Local gift box lies more than objects – there are meticulously crafted business cards and note cards that serve as enduring keepsakes. The premium quality of these notecards is a testament to Bespoke + Local's commitment to excellence. Printed lithographically and adorned with a premium matt laminate, they're designed to enhance the vibrant hues of the artwork.

Design and print for Bespoke & Local, Exeter

A fascinating aspect of Bespoke + Local's notecard and logo artwork lies in its creation. The designs spring from the ingenious mind of Exeter-based artist Chris Holmes. Using a computer-generated art process, Chris employs an algorithm that generates a vast array of image permutations based on a random 'seed' number. This approach ensures that each notecard and logo is as unique as the artisans themselves.

Box Design for Bespoke & Local, Exeter

As our partnership with Bespoke + Local grows, we're delighted to continue contributing to the legacy of Devon's artisans and the flourishing landscape of independent businesses. 

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